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Jul 22, 2012 9:30pm EDT
with the national guard resources and local flooding. this is also supported the texas rangers and the fbi and others. this is a force multiplier for military operations and border security. but we are on the edge of a new horizon. connolly there are 200 active tickets of authorization issued by the federal aviation administration to over 100 different entities, law enforcement departments and academic institutions, to fly these drones domestically. on the monitor, we see the locations of these recipients as of april 2012. the number of recipients has increased since that time. the faa plans to select six test cities for the use of the non- government drowns this year to allow the deployment of non- government drowns by the year 2015. the faa is responsible for ensuring these systems safely, with only 2.5 short years until they dominate the skies, no federal agency has taken the lead for the full implications of these unmanned aerial systems and developing the policies and guidelines for their use. four years ago, the government accountability office recommended to the city -- the secretar
Jul 8, 2012 9:30pm EDT
? >> absolutely. he delivered texas and three southern states. it is tough to find another election. he might be allowed to go back and find. marginally so. certainly not in modern times. host: democratic line. good morning. caller: my question is about the swing states. when you go to pennsylvania i do not have nothing against ids. my problem is why not two or three years before an election, not just a few months? who are these people who cannot have it? i came here. normally i had this or the other. some say it is voter suppression. it happens in every state whose governor is a senate republican. host: thank you. guest: the column references the voter edification laws passed a few months ago that has been controversial. it is modeled after indiana. it is restrictive in terms of the agenda vacation have to supply when you go to vote. there is a big controversy over that law, whether it does involve voter suppression. how many people would it affect? the republicans control the legislature. he signed the bill into law. he says maybe it affects 100,000 people. the democrats say closer to 1 mil
Jul 2, 2012 12:30am EDT
there are looking at my not be on the level. even if the order, coupled with legislation, texas inconsistencies, which must tie that dated to a tool that students can use to determine what benefits they are eligible for and how they may use it to pay for their education. we have produced a comprehensive ejaculator at our website. nothing like this calculator exists. it identified metrics to choose a college. these must be coupled with the ability to determine how they can help achieve their goals. we have also been concerned with trade marking the phrase gi bill. searching it reveals pages of deceptive what size to design -- without providing them with useful information about their benefits. veterans to submit their information are subject to aggressive recruiting and restaurant. i am concerned that there is no instruction to protect websites like ours to provide students with critical information and assistance that the government is unwilling to provide. almost 1 million veterans have used it to gather information and receive help in understanding the program. when implementing disorder, the
Jul 22, 2012 6:30pm EDT
will be here on tuesday. ron paul, republican of texas, will be speaking at the gop convention. we will ask you to phone in your questions. new york city, a democratic line. caller: [unintelligible] my issue with this whole campaign, the republicans always tried to justify attacking democrats. they do not really have any proof. republicans want to place the race game at the end of the day. obama did everything he said he was going to do. he never get any credit for that. guest: that is a point held by many. if you look at the tone of the ads being run in the campaign, i would say the obama campaign has been the more aggressive in terms of taking it in a personal way to mitt romney. that is not to say that mitt romney's allies will not respond in kind. barack obama has not pulled punches here. he has gone directly at mitt romney often in a personal way. that approach has won him lot of support on the strategists side. for a well democrat had won moral victories and lost actual victories. -- for a while, and democrats had won moral victories and lost actual victories. no one is going to believe t
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4